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C and C++ : Proposals and Suggestions

These are letters, proposals, letters, and texts that I have written or received from various people dealing with the ISO standard C and C++ languages.

Comments and Defect Reports on the ISO C Programming Language Standard

Time and Date Proposals

File and Directory Proposals

Other Proposals

Java : Proposals and Suggestions

These are letters, proposals, letters, and texts dealing with the Java language from Sun.

The following bugs and request for enhancements (RFE) were reported through the Java Developer Connection web site, which is at: developer.java.sun.com. (The links to the developer site require a registered user-ID.)

[4211070] | [html] 1999-02-11, 2001-12-30
Java should support const parameters (like C++) for code maintainence.

[4459600] 2001-05-16
java -jar fails to run Main-Class if classname followed by whitespace.
In progress.

[4489635] 2001-08-08
Access to outer object of non-static inner object other than 'this'.

[4491255] 2001-08-13
java.io.PrintWriter: Add clearError() method.

[4519021] 2001-10-24
Addition of "and", "or", and "not" keywords.

[4582814] 2001-12-09
Javadoc should recognize HTML comment markers.

[4638316] 2002-02-14
List final static variables (constants) separately from other variables.
In progress.

[4649007] 2002-03-07, 2002-03-15
New class file attribute for compilation date/time; preprocessor macros?
In progress.

[4679743] 2002-05-03
Additional Compressed Streams Requested
DeflaterInputStream, InflaterOutputStream
Submitted source code, accepted in Java 1.6.

Other Proposals and Suggestions

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