The Anti-Terrorism Software License

Revision: 1.0, 2006-12-07


Copyright ©yyyy by Author Name, all rights reserved.
Permission is granted to any person or entity except those designated by
the United States Department of State as a terrorist, or terrorist
government or agency, to use and distribute this source code provided
that the original copyright notice remains present and unaltered.


To use the license, simply include the text above in your source code. This is typically done within a block comment at the beginning of the source file. Replace yyyy with the year in which the code was written, and replace Author Name with the name of the author (your name).


1. Original authorship and copyright
The copyright notice establishes the original author of the work (the source code). This means that the original author owns the rights to the code, as well as the rights to all derivative works, in accordance with copyright law. It is explicitly required that the original copyright notice be kept intact and unaltered in any source code derived from the code. These are the only terms of the license, which exist so that the author of the code receives full credit for his creative efforts.

2. Permission to use and distribute
Explicit permission is granted to use and distribute the source code in its original form or in any derivative form. So while the original author of the code owns the copyright to it and any of its modified forms, the author at the same time grants permission to use the code without restriction, royalties, or any other encumbrance, as long as the terms of the license are met.

3. Prohibition against use or distribution
Terrorists are expressly prohibited from using or distributing the source code. A terrorist is defined as any individual, organization, agency, or other entity who engages in terrorist activities; specifically, any entity designated as a terrorist by the U.S. Department of State. More information can be obtained from the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism.

4. Short and sweet
Unlike most other software licenses, this one is very short and to the point. It manages to specify creative ownership and terms of use using relatively few words. Its small size makes it very suitable for inclusion in the header comments of source files, eliminating the need to refer to a much larger document external to the source code itself.

The license by itself does not prevent terrorism, of course. It does, however, provide some legal obstructions to terrorist activities. Anyone caught using the source code covered by the license could, in theory, be convicted of copyright violation. While this is not much in the way of meting out justice, it adds one more (albeit small) item to the long list of crimes terrorists commit against civilized society. It should be remembered that Al Capone was convicted and imprisoned not because of the murders and bootlegging he committed but because of income tax evasion. If nothing else, using this license in your source code is a way of publicly expressing your disdain for terrorism and its elements.