Package tribble.util

Interface Summary
BinaryTree A generic binary tree.
Comparable Contains methods which are used to compare two objects.

Class Summary
Base64Decoder Base-64 decoding methods.
Base64Encoder Base-64 encoding methods.
BinarySearch Contains methods for searching arrays.
Date Immutable date/time value.
DirList List the entries in a directory.
FifoQueue Generic FIFO queue.
FileFlater File deflater/inflater.
FilenamePattern Filename pattern matcher.
GetEnvironment Contains the environment variable settings from the native operating system.
GridList2D Provides methods for arranging 1-dimensional array elements into a 2-dimensional grid.
GridList2D_Test Test driver for class GridList2D.
Hex Hexadecimal encoding and decoding methods.
HexDump Hexadecimal dump utility methods.
IniProperties Properties read from or written to an .INI text file.
Pair<T1,T2> Holds a pair (2-tuple) of values.
RuntimeExec Contains methods to execute a command shell in a separate process.
SimpleChecksum A class that can be used to compute a simple 64-bit checksum of a data stream.
SQLPattern SQL 'LIKE' pattern matching operator.
SQLStrings Utility methods for SQL string and token processing.
Strings Utility methods for string processing.
Time Primitive date and time formatting methods.
Tuple3<T1,T2,T3> Holds three values, i.e., is a 3-tuple.