Cryptographic Security Classes


Class Summary
GenKeyPair Public/private key pair generator.
KeyMaker Methods for generating an encryption/decryption key.
KeyReader Public/private encryption key reader.
StreamDigest Simple cryptographic file digest generator.
ZoidbergAHash Zoidberg-A message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergBHash Zoidberg-B message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergCHash Zoidberg-C message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergDHash Zoidberg-D message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergDHash0 Zoidberg-D0 message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergDHash1 Zoidberg-D1 message digest (cryptographic hash).
ZoidbergEHash Zoidberg-C message digest (cryptographic hash).

Package Description

Cryptographic Security Classes

These classes provide cryptographic services, such as asymmetric (public) key generation, hashing algorithms, digital signature algorithms, etc. These classes are not subject to any U.S. export restrictions; specifically, this package contains no strong block encryption methods.

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