Interface Summary
CharI Generic source character.
CharInputStreamI Generic character input stream.
DebugWriterI Debugging (tracing) message output stream.
DiagnosticOutputI Diagnostic message (informational, warning, and error messages) output stream.
DiagnosticWriterI Interface for objects that write diagnostic messages (informational, warning, and error messages) to a diagnostic output stream.
FileCacheManagerI Document file cache manager.
LexerI Generic lexical analyzer (lexer) interface.
LineInputStreamI Generic text line input stream interface.
Lock Primitive lock interface.
LoggerI Message logger (logging output stream).
Lr1ParserI Generic LR(1) parser interface.
Lr1ParserTablesI Generic LR(1) parser tables interface.
ParserI Generic parser interface.
ParserWithParseTreeI Generic parser interface.
ParserWithSymbolTableI Generic parser interface.
ParseTreeI Generic parse tree interface.
SuspendableWriterI A character output stream that can be suspended and resumed.
SymbolI Generic symbol interface (i.e., an entry in a symbol table).
SymbolTableI Generic symbol table interface.
TextLineI Generic numbered text line interface.
TokenI Generic lexical token interface.
TraceableI Debug tracing interface.

Class Summary
ASALineWriter ASA line printer output stream.
Base64DecoderInputStream Base-64 decoding input stream.
Base64DecoderOutputStream Base-64 decoding output stream.
Base64EncoderInputStream Base-64 encoding input stream.
Base64EncoderOutputStream Base-64 encoding output stream.
CharDfl Default generic source character.
CharInputStreamDfl Default generic character input stream.
CharReader Generic character input stream.
DebugWriter Debugging (tracing) message output stream.
DeflaterInputStream Implements an input stream filter for compressing data in the "deflate" compression format.
DiagnosticOutputDfl Diagnostic message (informational, warning, and error messages) output stream.
DiskCacheFile Disk cached document file.
DiskCacheManager Disk file cache manager.
DiskCacheTest Disk file cache manager test driver.
Filename Enhanced abstract pathname (filename).
InflaterOutputStream Implements an output stream filter for uncompressing data stored in the "deflate" compression format.
LexerAdapter Generic lexical analyzer (lexer) adapter.
LineInputStream Generic text line input stream interface.
LineReader Text line reader.
LineToCharInputStream Input stream which converts lines of text into single characters.
LockFile Lock file.
Logger Message logger (logging output stream).
Lr1Parser Generic LR(1) parser.
MultiOutputStream Multiple output stream.
NullInputStream Null input stream.
NullOutputStream Null output stream (data sink).
OutputStreamMerger Output stream funnel.
PassThruReader Pass-through character reader stream.
PassThruWriter Pass-through character writer stream.
ReaderInputStream Pass-through character reader stream.
StackedReader Push-down stack of input reader streams.
StreamCopier Simple stream copying methods.
SuspendablePrintWriter A character print output stream that can be suspended and resumed.
SuspendableWriter A character output stream that can be suspended and resumed.
TextLine Generic numbered text line.
TokenAdapter Default generic lexical token implementation.
UrlTyper Simple URL reader.
WriterOutputStream Pass-through character writer stream.