A Better Microsoft Win95 Logo


Instructions for downloading the image

  1. Click on the image above or on this link to download the image.
  2. In either case, you now have a copy of the image file LOGOW.BMP on your disk.

Instructions for installing the image

  1. Click on your file explorer, by doing one of these:
  2. Find the Windows folder. It's usually on the C: drive, and it's usually named win, windows, win95, or something similar.
  3. Find the file LOGOW.SYS. Note that it may show up as Logow.sys or logow.sys.
  4. Rename the file to something like LOGOW.SYS.OLD. You do this by selecting the File menu and then the Rename option.
  5. Now move the LOGOW.BMP file you just downloaded into the Windows folder. You will probably have to double-click the My Computer or Explorer icon again and navigate down to the folder where you downloaded the file. If you don't know where the download folder is, you can find out by clicking File, then Save in your internet browser; it should pop up a window showing you the name of the folder where it wants to save all the downloaded files. Cancel the save but remember the name of the folder.
  6. At this point, you've successfully moved the LOGOW.BMP file into the Windows folder.
  7. Now you need to rename the LOGOW.BMP file to the new name LOGOW.SYS. You can do this by selecting the File menu and then choosing the Rename option. It doesn't matter if it's upper or lower case, or even if it's mixed case, since Windows doesn't care.
  8. Violá!
If you have successfully performed these steps, you now have a different Windows shutdown image. Now, when you shut down Windows, it will display the new image while it's shutting down.

Text is Copyright ©1997 by David R. Tribble, all rights reserved.